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5 Reasons Why I recommend SiteGround hosting services

1. Joomla people use and recommend SiteGround

Siteground is used and recommended by famous Joomla people like: Brian Teeman (one of the co-founders of Joomla!), Peter van Westen (, Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos (akeebabackup), Anthony Olsen (Joomlabamboo)

 2. Use 3 levels of security

Protect your Joomla! installation with JHackguard and the built-in Joomla! Auto-updater
Your account is isolated, so when there is a vulnerable installation on the server, your Joomla website is safe!
SiteGround closely monitors the general security status of Joomla and its popular plugins and apply strict security audit procedures to keep up with the high security standards. If major vulnerability appears SiteGround will apply server level security fixes often before the official development fixes are released.

3. Fastest Joomla!-hosting i know


The Siteground servers are tuned to give your Joomla website the very best performance. Choose on of their 3 datacenters (in Chicago, Amsterdam and Singapore) and use their FREE CDN Service (with 32 service points) and the SuperCacher to give joomla! Super Speed.

4. The Best Support!

Contact the support team for any (pre-sales) question and get an answer in a few minutes. This team works 24 hours a day and these guys really do care and really know what they are talking about. No hired call-center students, but real professionals!


5 The price

When you think you have to pay the highest price, you are wrong!


You can sign up here with 60% discount for only $3.95 per month

Get hosting for only $3.95